A physical device or media, such as a server, laptop, workstation, smartphone, tablet, router, firewall, switch, wifi-access-point, usb-drive, etc. The exact data type is described in the _type property of the Entity.

Includes properties from:

category (string) - Required

The device category

Example Values

  • server
  • endpoint
  • storage-media
  • mobile
  • other

hardwareVendor (string) - Required

The manufacturer or vendor of the device, e.g. Apple Inc., Generic

hardwareModel (string) - Required

The device hardware model, e.g. MacBookPro13,3

hardwareVersion (string) - Optional

The device hardware version

hardwareSerial (string) - Required

The device serial number

assetTag (string) - Optional

The asset tag number/label that matches the identifier in asset tracking system, for company owned physical devices

platform (string) - Optional

Operating System Platform


  • darwin
  • linux
  • unix
  • windows
  • android
  • ios
  • embedded
  • other

osDetails (string) - Optional

Operating System Full Details (e.g. macOS High Sierra version 10.13.6)

osName (string) - Optional

Operating System Name (e.g. macOS)

osVersion (string) - Optional

Operating System Version (e.g. 10.13.6)

userEmails (array of string) - Optional

The email addresses of the users this device is assigned to. Used if the device is shared by more than one user. Otherwise the ‘owner’ is the sole user. Leave empty/undefined if the device is unassigned.

location (string) - Optional

Site where this device is located.

cost (number) - Optional

The purchase cost of the device.

value (number) - Optional

The estimated business value of the device. The value is typically calculated as the monetary cost of the device + the value of data on the device.

BYOD (boolean) - Required

Indicates if this is a BYOD device – an employee-provided device that has access to company systems/resources.

status (string) - Optional

Status label of this device


  • assigned
  • archived
  • decommissioned
  • defective
  • deployed
  • disposed
  • locked
  • lost/stolen
  • pending
  • ready
  • unknown
  • other