A node in the graph database that represents an Entity. This reference schema defines common shared properties among most Entities.

Includes properties from:

name (string) - Required

Name of this entity

displayName (string) - Required

Display name, e.g. a person’s preferred name or an AWS account alias

summary (string) - Optional

A summary / short description of this entity.

description (string) - Optional

An extended description of this entity.

classification (string) - Optional

The sensitivity of the data; should match company data classification scheme

Example Values

  • critical
  • confidential
  • internal
  • public

criticality (integer) - Optional

A number that represents the value or criticality of this entity, on a scale between 1-10.

risk (integer) - Optional

The risk level of this entity, on a scale between 1-10.

trust (integer) - Optional

The trust level of this entity, on a scale between 1-10.

complianceStatus (number) - Optional

The compliance status of the entity, as a percentage of compliancy.

status (string) - Optional

Status of this entity set by the external source system or by a user, e.g. Active, Inactive, Decommissioned


  • active
  • inactive
  • suspended
  • terminated
  • open
  • closed
  • pending
  • unknown
  • other

active (boolean) - Optional

Indicates if this entity is currently active.

public (boolean) - Optional

Indicates if this is a public-facing resource (e.g. a public IP or public DNS record) or if the entity is publicly accessible. Default is false.

validated (boolean) - Optional

Indicates if this node has been validated as a known/valid Entity.

temporary (boolean) - Optional

Indicates if this node is a temporary resource, such as a lambda instance or an EC2 instance started by ECS.

createdOn (number) - Optional

The timestamp (in milliseconds since epoch) when the entity was created at the source. This is different than _createdOn which is the timestamp the entity was first ingested into JupiterOne.

Format: date-time

updatedOn (number) - Optional

The timestamp (in milliseconds since epoch) when the entity was last updated at the source.

Format: date-time

expiresOn (number) - Optional

If the entity is a temporary resource, optionally set the expiration date. For example, the expiration date of an SSL cert.

Format: date-time

owner (string) - Optional

The owner of this entity. This could reference the name of the owner, or as reference ID/key to another entity in the graph as the owner.

tag.* (string) - Optional

Named tags assigned to the entity (i.e., ‘tag.Name’, ‘tag.OtherName’)

tags (array of string) - Optional

An array of unnamed tags

notes (array of string) - Optional

User provided notes about this entity