A security finding, which may be a vulnerability or just an informative issue. A single finding may impact one or more resources. The IMPACTS relationship between the Vulnerability and the resource entity that was impacted serves as the record of the finding. The IMPACTS relationship carries properties such as ‘identifiedOn’, ‘remediatedOn’, ‘remediationDueOn’, ‘issueLink’, etc.

Includes properties from:

assessment (string) - Optional

The name/id of the assessment that produced this finding.

status (string) - Optional

Status of the vulnerability

severity (string) - Required

Severity rating based on impact and exploitability. Can be a string such as ‘critical’, ‘high’, ‘medium’, ‘low’, ‘info’. Or an integer usually between 0-5.

priority (string) - Optional

Priority level mapping to Severity rating. Can be a string such as ‘critical’, ‘high’, ‘medium’, ‘low’, ‘info’. Or an integer usually between 0-5.

score (number) - Optional

The overall vulnerability score, e.g. CVSSv3.

impact (string) - Optional

The impact description or rating.

exploitability (number) - Optional

The exploitability score/rating.

vector (string) - Optional

The vulnerability attack vector. (e.g. a CVSSv3 vector looks like this - ‘AV:N/AC:L/PR:N/UI:R/S:C/C:L/I:L/A:N’)

stepsToReproduce (array of string) - Optional

Steps to reproduce this finding.

recommendation (string) - Optional

Recommendation on how to remediate/fix this finding.

targets (array of string) - Optional

The target listing of projects, applications, repos or systems this vulnerability impacts. Specifying either the project/repo name or the application URL here will auto-map this Vulnerability to the corresponding Project/CodeRepo/Application entity if a match is found.

targetDetails (array of string) - Optional

Additional details about the targets. Can be a string or an array.

remediationSLA (integer) - Optional

The number of days that the Vulnerability must be remediated within, based on SLA set by the organization’s internal vulnerability management program policy. The actually due date is set by ‘remediationDueOn’ property on the IMPACTS relationship between the Vulnerability and its impacted resource entity.

blocksProduction (boolean) - Optional

Indicates whether this vulnerability finding is a blocking issue. If true, it should block a production deploy. Defaults to false.

open (boolean) - Required

Indicates if this is an open vulnerability.

production (boolean) - Required

Indicates if this vulnerability is in production.

public (boolean) - Required

Indicates if this is a publicly disclosed vulnerability. If yes, this is usually a CVE and the ‘webLink’ should be set to ‘${CVE-Number}’ or to a vendor URL. If not, it is most likely a custom application vulnerability.

validated (boolean) - Optional

Indicates if this Vulnerability finding has been validated by the security team.

references (array of string) - Optional

The array of links to references.