A network, such as an aws-vpc, aws-subnet, cisco-meraki-vlan.

Includes properties from:

environment (string) - Required

The environment of network


  • development
  • test
  • staging
  • production
  • private
  • wireless
  • guest
  • remote-access
  • administrative
  • other

CIDR (string) - Required

The IPv4 network CIDR block (e.g.

Format: ipv4

CIDRv6 (string) - Optional

The IPv6 network CIDR block (e.g. ::/0)

Format: ipv6

public (boolean) - Required

Indicates if the network is publicly accessible.

internal (boolean) - Required

Indicates if this is an internal/private network.

wireless (boolean) - Optional

Indicates if this is a wireless network.