The physical location of an organization. A Person (i.e. employee) would typically has a relationship to a Site (i.e. located_at or work_at). Also used as the abstract reference to AWS Regions.

Includes properties from:

category (array of string) - Optional

Type of site


  • headquarters
  • branch
  • campus
  • office
  • aws-region
  • data-center
  • lab
  • other

location (string) - Optional

The address/location of the site. Or an AWS Region (e.g. us-east-2).

hours (string) - Optional

Hours of operation. e.g. M-F 9am-6pm

secured (boolean) - Optional

Indicates the site is secured with physical controls such as key card access and surveillance cameras.

restricted (boolean) - Optional

Indicates that access to the site is restricted (a level above secured access).