Carbon Black PSC


JupiterOne provides a managed integration with Carbon Black (Cb) Predictive Security Cloud (PSC). The integration connects directly to Carbon Black PSC APIs to obtain configuration about its device sensors/agents, starting with Cb Defense sensors. Customers authorize access by creating a Connector and an API Key in their target PSC account and providing that credential to JupiterOne.

Integration Instance Configuration

The integration is triggered by an event containing the information for a specific integration instance.

The integration instance configuration requires the following three parameters for API authentication:

  • Site (site): The part immediately follows defense- in your Carbon Black PSC / CbDefense account URL. For example, if you access your account at, the site is prod05
  • API Key (apiKey): Go to Settings > Connectors from the web console of your Carbon Black account, then click on Add Connector button, give it a Name, select API for the Connector Type to create a connector. The API Key is displayed to you on screen.
  • Connector ID (connectorId): Once a Connector is created, you will see the Connector ID on the list.


The following entity resources are ingested when the integration runs:

Example Entity Resource _type : _class of the Entity
Account carbonblack_psc_account : Account
Service cb_endpoint_protection : Service
Device Sensor Agent cbdefense_sensor : HostAgent
Sensor Policy cb_sensor_policy : ControlPolicy


The following relationships are created/mapped:

| Relationships | | ———————————————————- | | carbonblack_psc_account HAS cbdefense_sensor | | carbonblack_psc_account HAS cb_endpoint_protection | | cb_sensor_policy ENFORCES cb_endpoint_protection | | cbdefense_sensor ASSIGNED cb_sensor_policy |