JupiterOne provides a managed integration with Google. The integration connects directly to the G Suite Admin API to obtain account metadata and analyze resource relationships. Customers authorize read-only to access to a JupiterOne Service Account.

Integration Instance Configuration

The integration is triggered by an event containing the information for a specific integration instance.

The integration instance configuration requires the Organization Account ID and an administrator email. The JupiterOne Service Account must be added as an authorized API client with required permission scopes.

Getting Organization Account ID

From your Google Admin console:

  1. Click Security, then expand Setup single sign-on (SSO)
  2. Copy the idpid property value from the SSO URL. For example, provides the ID C1111abcd
  3. Enter the value into the Account ID field in the JupiterOne integration configuration.

Admin API Enablement

The Admin API is not accessible to the JupterOne Service Account until the API is enabled in your G Suite organization and permission is granted to the Service Account.

From your Google Admin console:

  1. Click Security, then expand Advanced settings and click on Manage API client access
  2. Enter the JupiterOne Service Account client ID 102174985137827290632 into Client Name
  3. Add the following API scopes (comma separated):,,
  1. Click Authorize
  2. Return to the Admin console, click Security, then API reference
  3. Check Enable API access


The following entity resources are ingested when the integration runs:

Google Entity Resource _type : _class of the Entity
Account google_account : Account
Group google_group : UserGroup
User google_user : User
User location google_site : Site


The following relationships are created/mapped:

From Type To
google_account HAS google_group
google_account HAS google_user
google_group HAS google_user
google_site HAS google_user