JupiterOne provides a managed integration with Openshift. The integration connects directly to Openshift APIs to obtain cluster metadata and analyze resource relationships.

Integration Instance Configuration

Authentication is currently designed to use a Service Account.

Login as admin:

oc login -u system:admin

Create service account:

oc create sa jupiterone
oc adm policy add-cluster-role-to-user cluster-reader -z jupiterone

Get service account token:

oc serviceaccounts get-token jupiterone

The integration instance configuration requires the cluster address and service account token.


The following entity resources are ingested when the integration runs:

Openshift Resource _type of the Entity _class of the Entity
Account openshift_account Account
Container openshift_container Task
Group openshift_user_group UserGroup
Pod openshift_pod Task
Project openshift_project Project
Route openshift_route Domain
Service Account openshift_service_account User
Service openshift_service Task
User openshift_user User


The following relationships are created/mapped:

From Type To
openshift_account HAS openshift_user_group
openshift_account HAS openshift_project
openshift_project HAS openshift_route
openshift_project HAS openshift_service_account
openshift_project HAS openshift_service
openshift_pod HAS openshift_container
openshift_route EXTENDS openshift_service
openshift_service HAS openshift_pod
openshift_user ASSIGNED openshift_user_group