JupiterOne provides a managed integration with SentinelOne. The integration connects directly to SentinelOne APIs to obtain account metadata and analyze resource relationships. Customers authorize access by creating an API token in their target SentinelOne account and providing that credential to JupiterOne.

Integration Instance Configuration

The integration is triggered by an event containing the information for a specific integration instance.

SentinelOne provides Every API call requires authentication. The recommended authentication is API Token. If SSO or Two-Factor Authentication is mandatory for your username, you must use a Token.

Generating an API Token from your account WebUI:

  1. In your Management Console, click Settings > USERS.
  2. Click your username.
  3. Click the edit button.
  4. In Edit User > API Token, click Generate. If you see Revoke and Regenerate, you already have a token. If you revoke or regenerate it, scripts that use that token will not work. There is no confirmation. Revoke removes the token authorization. Regenerate revokes the token and generates a new token. If you click Generate or Regenerate, a message shows the token string and the date that the token expires.
  5. Click DOWNLOAD.


The following entity resources are ingested when the integration runs:

Example Entity Resource _type : _class of the Entity
Account sentinelone_account : Account
Group sentinelone_group : Group
Agent sentinelone_agent : HostAgent


The following relationships are created/mapped:

From Type To
sentinelone_account HAS sentinelone_group
sentinelone_group HAS sentinelone_agent