JupiterOne allows you to configure alert rules using any J1QL query for continuous auditing and threat monitoring. This is done in the Alerts app.

Import Alert Rules from Rule Pack

You will need to have at least one active alert rule to trigger any alert. The easiest way to add some rules is to import rule packs, following these steps:

  1. Go to Manage Rules from the Alerts app


  2. Click Import Rule Pack action button


  3. This will bring up the Import Rules from Rule Pack modal window, where you can select the rule packs or individual rules within a rule pack. Click Save to import the selected rules.


Create Custom Alert Rules

Creating your own custom alert rule is easy:

  1. Go to Manage Rules from the Alerts app

  2. Click Create Rule action button to bring up the modal window

  3. Enter the following details for the custom rule and hit SAVE:

    • Name
    • Description
    • Severity (select from drop down list)
    • Query (any J1QL query)


The custom rule will be added and be evaluated daily. If the query you have specified in the rule returns at least one match, it will trigger an alert.

Managing Alerts

The alert rules are evaluated daily by default, or at the custom interval – hourly or every 30 minutes – you have specified for a specific rule.

Active alerts that matched the evaluation criteria of the alert rules will show up in the Alerts app in a data grid that looks like this:


  • Click on an individual alert row will expand it to show the alert details.
  • Click on the DISMISS button to dismiss an alert.

Configure Daily Notification Email

To receive daily notification of new/active alerts, select:

  • Manage Rules
  • Daily Emails
  • Enter the email addresses of the users or teams in the Recipients field

Your JupiterOne Daily Alert Report will look like this:


To ensure delivery of these reports, please whitelist and in your email configuration.