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JupiterOne Documentation

JupiterOne provides continuous monitoring to surface problems impacting critical assets and infrastructure. Secure your attack surface with continuous asset discovery and attack path analysis. Reduce risk, triage incidents, and prioritize vulnerability findings with greater clarity and 85% fewer SecOps resources.


We are currently in the process of migrating our documentation to our documentation site! We appreciate your patience. At this time, please refer to AskJ1 documentation for all documentation not relating to integrations.

Get Started

Start configuring your JupiterOne workspace:


Learn more about configuring integrations within your JupiterOne workspace.

Join the Community

JupiterOne is used to secure hundreds of organizations. Team up with others in the JupiterOne community using the following resources:

  • Slack: A great place for asking questions and sharing ideas.
  • Twitter: Where we post updates and share content from the JupiterOne community.
  • GitHub: JupiterOne ❤️'s Open Source Software!