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J1QL Overview

The JupiterOne Query Language (J1QL) is a powerful natural query language designed for querying and analyzing data in the JupiterOne platform. It provides a flexible and intuitive way to retrieve information from the graph database and perform complex data operations.

With J1QL, you can search for specific assets, filter results based on various criteria, traverse relationships, perform mathematical calculations, and more. It offers a comprehensive set of features and functions to facilitate data exploration, analysis, and reporting within the JupiterOne ecosystem.

Getting started with J1QL

J1QL is inspired by SQL and Cypher and aspires to be as close to natural language as possible. The execution of a J1QL query seamlessly queries a full-text search, asset-relationship graph, and any other future data stores, as needed.

Depending on your familiarity with querying languages and J1QL specifically, here are some useful places to learn the basics of J1QL, dive into querying with J1QL, or explore example queries and common questions.


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Learn J1QL

Dive into the basics of J1QL and gain functional and conceptual knowledge of how to effectively query your data in JupiterOne.

Get Started

Jump into querying in your JupiterOne workspace and gain practical experience executing queries and exploring their results.

Basic Queries

Explore basic J1QL example queries by use case.

Question Library

View the comprehensive J1QL query library featuring a wide range of queries relating to integrations and use cases.