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Scalar functions

The ability to format and/or perform calculations on row-level columns can be accomplished through Scalar Functions. These scalar functions enhance the versatility and convenience of J1QL by providing powerful tools for transforming and combining data in queries.


The scalar function CONCAT() empowers users to concatenate or join one or more values into a single string. Currently, CONCAT can be used in the RETURN to the clause of your function, will future development is planned for use in the WHERE clause.

If this function receives a number or boolean value, the CONCAT intuitively converts these values to strings. Additionally, if CONCAT processes an empty selector field, it evaluates that field as an empty string.

CONCAT supports the following parameters, separated by commas:

  • Selector Fields: selector.field
  • String values: 'your string' or "your string"
  • Number values: 123
  • Boolean values: true
Example using CONCAT
aws_s3_bucket as s3
CONCAT(s3.bucketSizeBytes, ' bytes') as size


The scalar function MERGE() allows you to merge multiple properties into a single property list. You can now combine multiple (defined) properties into a single property without having to choose to return one property or another.

Example using MERGE
THAT IS Person AS p
RETURN p.displayName, merge(,, u.publicEmail) AS “Email List” (edited)