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Regular Expressions

Regular Expressions (regex) is available for filtering against properties in J1Ql.

Example Queries

All Administrator Roles

Find all roles called Administrator using a case-insensitive search on the role name

FIND AccessRole WITH name = /administrator/i

All AWS Policies Allowing Create or Delete

Find all AWS entities that are related by an ALLOW policy which includes Update and Delete permission flags

FIND * WITH _integrationType = "aws"
WHERE r.permissionFlags = /..UD.../

Supported Features

The features available today are restricted based on what is supported by the upstream storage services, and what is considered to be safe in regex for performance and complexity.

Character Classes

Standard character classes are supported:

  • [0-9]
  • [a-zA-Z]
  • [a-zA-Z0-9]

Some shorthand classes are also supported:

  • \d
  • \D
  • \w
  • \W

The following are currently NOT supported:

  • \s and \S these whitespace shorthand classed are not supported. You can use a literal space in your regex.
  • POSIX character classes such as [:digit:]
  • Literal whitespace in the regex needs to be in a character class. For example /john[ ]smith/ to match the string john smith.

The limitation on use of \s and \S and whitespace is due to the regex implementaion in ElasticSearch. This limitation is expected to be resolved soon.

Anchor Tags

The start ^ and $ anchor tags are not supported at this time, although regex filters can be combined with the ^= starts with and $= ends with comparison operators:

FIND User WITH name ^= /john/i
FIND User WITH name $= /smith/i


Regular expression | alternation is not supported, although multiple regex filters can be applied to the same field using the J1QL AND and OR syntax:

FIND User WITH (name = /john/i OR name = /smith/i)

Capture Groups

Capture groups are not supported at this time; you cannot derive a new field from existing values using a named capture group. This limitation currently extends to non-capturing groups.

Other Unsupported Features

Regex has many features, some additional not currently supported features:

  • Lookarounds
  • Atomic Groups
  • Possessive Quantifiers