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Changes and attribution

Below are some examples of how you might query your JupiterOne workspace data in order to identify changes that occurred in your environment.

What changes were made in environment, SG or VPC in last time period {}?

Find all changes in the last 24 hours:

Find * with _beginOn > - 24 hours

Changes in the last 24 hours related to a particular VPC:

Find * with _beginOn > - 24 hours
that relates to aws_vpc with vpcId='{vpcId}' or name='{vpcName}'

Resources with a certain tag that change in the last 24 hours:

Find * with _beginOn > - 24 hours
and (tag.Environment = '{tagValue}' or tag.Project = '{tagValue}')

Which developer(s) most likely introduced vulnerabilities in recent code changes?

Requires integrations with Github or Bitbucket, and code scanning solutions like Veracode or WhiteHat.

Find User
that OPENED PR with createdOn >
that RELATES TO CodeRepo
that HAS (Vulernability|Finding) with _createdOn >
return tree