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API Overview

Leverage JupiterOne's API to seamlessly ingest custom data and programmatically manage your workspace.


The JupiterOne platform exposes a number of public GraphQL endpoints which can be leveraged with operations relating to queries, graph, alerts, and rules.

Base URL:

Rate Limits: Rate limiting is enforced based on your account tier:

  • Free: 10/min, no burst
  • Freemium: 30/min, no burst
  • Enterprise: 30-60/min with burst

A 429 HTTP response code indicates the limit has been reached.


For more information regarding API rate limiting, see our dedicated rate limiting article.

JupiterOne API topics

Start by connecting JupiterOne with other tools to populate relevant data within your JupiterOne workspace.

The JupiterOne Data Model

Review the JupiterOne Data model and learn about two fundamental elements of the JupiterOne graph: Entities and Relationships.


Learn how to authenticate with the JupiterOne API and create Auth tokens for use in your JupiterOne workspace.