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Review configurations

The following queries update the review configuration of a framework, group, or frameworkItem. Each query requires the id of the framework you are updating as well as an input variable object, which includes a list of owner emails, the review frequency, and the origin of action links (the domain of your JupiterOne account).


  • frameworkId: Unique identifier for the framework, returned by the Listframeworks query.
  • input: The input variable capture additional values, including:
    • Origin of the action link
    • The owner(s)
    • Review frequency
      Example inputs
      "input": {
      "actionLink": "{frameworkId}/{frameworkItemId?}",
      "owners": [
      "reviewFrequency": "SIXTY_DAYS"
  • actionLink: A link to the item for which you are configuring the review.
  • owners: A list of email accounts that have an associated user in JupiterOne.
  • reviewFrequency: The frequency that owners will be prompter to review the framework. Valid options include: WEEKLY, MONTHLY, SIXTY_DAYS, ONE_HUNDRED_EIGHTY_DAYS, ANNUALLY.


Update Review Configurations (Framework)

mutation SetReviewConfigurationsForComplianceFramework($frameworkId: ID!, $input: SetComplianceReviewConfigurationInput!) {
setReviewConfigurationsForComplianceFramework(frameworkId: $frameworkId, input: $input)

Update Review Configurations (Group)

Additional variables

  • groupId: Unique identifier of the group for which to set this configuration.
mutation SetReviewConfigurationsForComplianceGroup($groupId: ID!, $input: ConfigureRecurringComplianceReviewInput!) {
setReviewConfigurationsForComplianceGroup(groupId: $groupId, input: $input)

Update Review Configurations (FrameworkItem)

Additional variables

  • frameworkItemId: Unique identifier of the framework item for which to set the configuration.
mutation SetReviewConfigurationForComplianceFrameworkItem($frameworkItemId: ID!, $input: ConfigureRecurringComplianceReviewInput!) {
setReviewConfigurationForComplianceFrameworkItem(frameworkItemId: $frameworkItemId, input: $input)