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Alerts and workflows

JupiterOne supports the ability to turn any J1QL query into an alert, which allows you to proactively monitor questions of interest without the need to manually perform those queries to find changes.

With an alert rule, JupiterOne will automate the monitoring process for a particular question and allows you to send that information into a variety of workflows such as alerting or ticketing, or remediation flows. With alerts, you can have JupiterOne kick off a variety of workflows that support:

  • Creating a Jira ticket
  • Sending an email or Slack message
  • Creating ServiceNow incident
  • Sending a generic webhook

Alert packs

Along with JupiterOne's ability to create alert rules for individual questions, we also offer rule packs based on the integrations you have configured within your JupiterOne workspace. For example, if you have AWS configured, you can leverage the pre-built rule packs that allow for alerts on questions relating to your AWS environment. These alert rule packs automatically turn on once the respective integration has been configured.

Up Next

Lastly, we'll explore JupiterOne's Compliance tooling that streamlines tracking progress toward industry security frameworks and gather evidence.