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Asset Insights

JupiterOne supports more than just users and devices. We capture and ingest a broad variety of asset classes that span from code repositories to user access roles to findings.

Assets supported by JupiterOne

JupiterOne supports the ingestion and mapping of a wide variety of assets that build a holistic picture of your ecosystem. Go beyond merely users and devices and build a holistic view of your assets, including:

  • Applications and services
  • Compute and devices
  • Data and storage
  • Identities and access
  • Networks
  • People and Organizations
  • Policies and documentation
  • Risk and alerts
  • Custom assets (define your own)

Streamline findings

Context is key to evaluating your asset landscape. JupiterOne brings your data to one centralized location, providing for meaningful discoveries and clear, actionable insights. Make the most of your assets by:

  • Having a centralized location for managing all assets
  • Identifying unknown risks and relationships in your attack surface
  • Monitoring and maintaining critical assets
  • Taking action to resolve key findings

Target assets quickly with classes

By normalizing your assets into asset classes, JupiterOne enables you the ability to query and evaluate and filter data quickly. This allows you to focus on finding entities within the class rather than needing to explicitly state the entity in the query.

Up next

We'll illustrate how the JupiterOne graph can help monitor and address more complex Cloud Security Posture Management use cases.