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JupiterOne increases compliance team efficiency by automatically gathering evidence to support compliance investigations.

Compliance frameworks

JupiterOne comes pre-loaded with many of the leading industry frameworks such as CIS, ISO, HIPAA, SOC 2, and also offers the ability to manually upload additional frameworks via CSV or JSON.

Each framework individually lists their overall status based on that particular framework's requirements. Each framework summary provides insights into progress around Policies and Procedures, Evidence Collection, and Gap Analysis.

With Gap Analysis, you can quickly determine which requirements have gaps and can remediate as needed.


By leveraging queries, JupiterOne assists in gathering evidence for frameworks, and provides insight into where gaps are being encountered within your environment for a particular framework.

JupiterOne streamlines the evidence gathering effort with its queries by turning it into an automated continuous drift detection system—removing the need to manually search for or collect evidence.

Controls mapping

By grouping the evidence controls into a single controls library, JupiterOne is able to define questions and evidence in one place while also linking it to requirements across multiple frameworks. This allows you to define evidence once while being able to utilize it across frameworks as necessary.


This is the last of the JupiterOne platform introduction series. From here, you can continue on to the next series which will walk through initial configuration of Assets within your JupiterOne workspace.