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Compliance in JupiterOne

JupiterOne empowers your teams with a centralized, compliance-as-code solution that automatically gathers evidence to support compliance needs and processes. JupiterOne gives you continuous compliance capabilities, leading to stronger security that goes beyond a single point in time.

JupiterOne Compliance is a flexible app for you to import and manage any compliance standard or framework as a set of controls or requirements.

Get Started with JupiterOne Compliance‚Äč

The first step in managing compliance is adding the security frameworks to which your organization wants to be compliant. Frameworks comprise benchmarks, standards, and security questionnaires.

By default, JupiterOne applies requirements to each framework to which you can then add data-driven compliance evidence and link to controls. See the JupiterOne compliance data model for GRC for further context.

You can use JupiterOne Compliance for each step in the security compliance workflow: