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JupiterOne May 2023 Release

New Features and Improvements

  • The Insights widget previews got a few upgrades to support autosave of advanced settings, an in preview dashboard breadcrumb, the ability to expand the query input box, and Insights now supports deleted entities. JupiterOne Insights widget

  • The query builder now supports optional traversals and relationship directionality when creating more advanced queries. New query builder support for traversals and relationship directionality

  • The graph viewer will now pack nodes of the same _type regardless of relationship direction, which will clean up the graph views to help you focus on what matters.

  • You are now able to toggle between your User Groups from within J1 to align your permissions if you belong to multiple groups. JupiterOne user group toggle

  • The query results column filters now allow you select all columns with one click and this setting will be saved throughout your user session.

  • The query results save as function was introduced to reduce the noise on your query results, but still will allow you to save your query throughout your J1 experience.

  • Your J1 Rules can now trigger a J1 Alert as a toggle option when applying the rule actions in J1. J1 Alerts trigger J1 rules


  • Added integration for Cisco Umbrella

  • Added a new ability to include and exclude data sources for integrations—allowing you to define what data sources to be ingested by JupiterOne on each integration instance. Note that this feature is currently limited to Okta and Mimecast.