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JupiterOne May 2024 Release

New Features and Improvements

Continuous Threat and Exposure Management (CTEM)

Released a Continuous Threat and Exposure Management experience into beta. Read the blog post.

Exposure Summary

Integration Aware Insights Dashboards

JupiterOne managed dashboards are integration aware, and will tell you what integrations needs to configured to enable the dashboard.

Terraform Updates

Added support for JupiterOne Users and Groups to the terraform provider.

Graph Database Upgrade

JupiterOne is upgrading the primary data stores used to process J1QL queries. The project is intended to improve query performance and reduce the time until the data is available to query.

As part of this upgrade, users will get access to an improved query experience, with a more responsive and configurable results page.

The upgrade involves some changes in behavior of the queries and the results returned to the user. JupiterOne believes that each of these changes is towards more correct results.

This change is rolling out to all customers though May - July 2024.

Review the details here.

New Table Component

Data Normalization

  • Added additional rules to the device osName and osType normalization engine
  • Improved monitoring and enforcement of data to the JupiterOne data model
  • Improved JupiterOne integration data model docs


New Integrations


The watchTowr Platform integrates Continuous Automated Red Teaming and Attack Surface Management to continuously discover high-impact weaknesses.

ManageEngine Endpoint Central via JupiterOne Collector

Endpoint Central (formerly Desktop Central) is a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) & Endpoint protection suite.

Integration Updates


  • Added the following properties to aws_db_instance:
    • maxAllocatedStorage
    • PerformanceInsightsEnabled
    • PerformanceInsightsRetentionPeriod


  • Added entity qualys_container
  • Added entity qualys_container_finding


Additional services and steps have been added to the Azure integration:

  • Azure Synapse Analytics (Step Disabled by Default): Analytics service that reports on data warehouses and big data systems
  • Azure Access Packages (Step Disabled by Default): A bundle of resources that automatically gives users access to perform tasks or work on projects
  • Azure Event Hub (Step Disabled by Default): A cloud native data streaming service
  • Kubernetes Service (Step Disabled by Default): A managed Kubernetes service with hardened security and fast delivery
  • Azure Application Security Groups (Step Disabled by Default): A service that allows you organize your virtual machines (VMs) based on their specific network security policies
  • Azure Ddos Protection Plans (Step Disabled by Default): A service that enables you to protect your Azure resources from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks
  • Azure Express Route (Step Disabled by Default): A service that helps to exchange IP routes between your Azure and on-premises networks and to route network traffic


  • Data sources enabled for the Zendesk integration. Users are now able to customize which data sources are ingested for this integration. This option is under the "Additional Options" section in the integration configuration page.

Additional Updates

  • New integration job status CONFIGURATION_FAILURE was added as new status to indicate whether a job was unable to begin ingestion due to invalid configuration or credentials. Please update your integration configuration and/or credentials to resolve this issue.