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Integration Settings

Integrations configured from the JupiterOne Integration application have various configuration settings that are described in this document. Some of these configuration settings have a direct impact on the integration execution lifecycle and other settings have a direct impact on the graph objects that are ingested into the JupiterOne graph.

Account Name

The "Account Name" configuration field is a required field that is used as a "display name" for the integration instance. The Account Name value is not unique to an account, but it is recommended to keep the Account Name value unique for organization.

Sample values:

  • Production
  • the-production-account


The "Description" field is an optional field that exists only to supply JupiterOne users with additional details about the specific integration instance.

Sample values:

  • "AWS Production account in us-east-1"

Polling Intervals

Integration polling intervals represent the frequency that the JupiterOne managed integration platform executes each integration. For example, if an integration is configured on a ONE_DAY polling interval, the integration will run once every 24 hours. Additionally, each customer integration is scheduled to run at roughly the same respective time every day. If your integration's first scheduled execution happens at 12:00pm, your next scheduled integration execution should also happen roughly at 12:00pm.

Supported polling intervals:

Polling IntervalDescriptionMin. Billing Tier
DISABLEDThis integration will never be scheduled by the managed JupiterOne integration platform. However, the integration may be manually executed via the UI or API.Free
ONE_WEEKExecuted once per weekFree
ONE_DAYExecuted once per dayFreemium
TWELVE_HOURSExecuted once every twelve hoursFreemium
EIGHT_HOURSExecuted once every eight hoursFreemium
FOUR_HOURSExecuted once every four hoursFreemium
ONE_HOURExecuted once every hourEnterprise


Tags can be configured along with integrations. Each tag key and value will be automatically propagated onto entities that are produced by the integration where the respective entity tag property names are prefixed with tag. (e.g. tag.AccountName). The JupiterOne Integration application has a few recommended tags that can be automatically enabled/disabled via toggle. Additionally, JupiterOne users may create custom tags of their own.

Recommended default tags for JupiterOne Integrations:

Tag NameTag DescriptionData TypeValue
AccountNameThe vendor account that this integration is associated with. The value is automatically inherited from the integration "Account Name" field.string{{Integration Account Name}}
ProductionWhether the integration's vendor account represents a production account or not.booleantrue